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Yoga is great for those without physical injuries. Even the most adamant yoga instructors stay away from me after we talk.
My g/f loves yoga, can do most of the advanced poses, still pays for classes, after 14 years. She has no injuries.
I took 14 yoga classes, once a week, this spring. It destroyed my knees, shoulders, wrists, all of which have suffered traumatic injuries in the past. It aggravated my collarbones (4 breaks), made my neck incredibly stiff, and gave me lower back pains. Needless to say, I stopped.
Flexibility. Can't achieve it if you're previously injured. CAN achieve some amount, thru pain and years of perserverance.
I don't have years. I"m 63, can't touch toes, and shoulder flex test (one hand behind, one over shoulders), the gap is about 14".
Tough berries. So I cannot survive a week in a tiny box. Hasn't affected any of the sports I do.
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