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The Extreme Pro 2.0 has a very different feel. It is crisp and very responsive -- but also comfortable thanks to the new grommet system. Great spin, great power. Kind of like a more maneuverable PDR, but without as much plow through power.

The C10 Pro offers more zip compared to the Donnay Pro One 97 18x20 and is actually closer in performance to the open patterned Pro One. After hitting the 16x19, I thought I was going to find my holy grail in the 18x20 Pro One, but it didn't pad out. The spec was slightly different and I ended up preferring the 16x19 even though it always felt a tad lively.

The C10 Pro has a similar lively response, but I have found simply going higher in tension solves the issue. I've not tried dropping very low in tension to see if that also solves the problem which may seem somewhat ironic since I did the whole low tension experiment, but I have been using the C10 Pro a lot during string testing where it is important I test the string at a more popular tension range.

I would recommend you try your Donnay Pro One at a high tension first -- it offers the comfort to handle it -- and see where you are.

The C10 Pro is also well worth a demo and there's a ton of info on here about it since it has been around forever.

Chris, TW
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