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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Good stuff... a bit over my head.
Downward dog....try this with two destroyed rotator cuffs, wrists that swell and don't bend backwards 45 degrees.
Then they have you do a down to pushup position and half body pushup, while my right elbow CLICKS sooo loudly, more than half the class start to whisper "what was that?" Instructors actually tell me to STOP with that noise!
One legged balance pose. Try that with flat feet. FFeet, you have no push from your big toe whatsover, which is why your feet is flat.
"Warrior" poses. You kidding me? What the heck, the least balanced, whether one or two, most fragile pose ever!
Wait until I get started ......
Doesn't sound like fun Lee. But I think the one-legged balance poses and the warriors are some of the good ones for men. I hear what you're saying about flat fee, but strengthening your feet via the one-legged poses should help you do them. It sounds like a circular hell, but you can only improve right? Actually, if you want to help out your feet I would walk around on your toes and balls of feet several times a day until you get fatigued. Just before bed is ideal as you can fatigue the hell out of your feet and wake up the next day stronger. This can really help strengthen the muscles that suppor the arches. You might find after six weeks of doing this that you have much greater spring in your step.
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