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Originally Posted by michael_1265 View Post
I learn something new every day here.

This is my third favorite "pick" from this store, the first being an immaculate 200G and the second being a cherry Rossignol GW-200
I would imagine some store room in Van Buren, Maine to be 'home' to multiple Cragin/Garcia and Rossignol wood sticks. It's a darned small town, but maybe some TT member lives near there? OR, perhaps they used the old wood rackets as firewood in a particularly cold winter season . Same would apply to Williston/S. Burlington, VT, where Rossi headquarters was situated('70s-'80s). I would imagine there are some skis and tennis rackets stashed away SOMEwhere around there.

"We" don't have the vast history in composite racket manufacturing like our Euro friends; but, I can imagine some stockpiles of Head, Wilson, Dunlop, Davis(may have been 'discovered' already) or even Spalding frames are behind some locked door...collecting dust...waiting to be discovered .
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