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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Reason the defensive players prosper in D3 or D2 level is lack of top level talent. Especially in singles, unless you are elite level D1 talent, it is very difficult to play power attacking game and be consistant enough to win day in day out. and you have to serve in 120's with good placement consistantly to get 1 or 2 cheap points in your service game.
How many D3 guys do you know that can do that ?

Willing to hit all day and chase down everything is show of mental strength and conditioning. Look at it that way.

I know guys in college want to play Jame Blake type of tennis, flashy and powerful. It is fun. but then remember, he is top ATP level talent, and you could see that when he was playing for Harvard, way back when.
I appreciate this, thanks for your advice. I didn't even think about how good you have to be offensively to win cheap points against college level players. I do see your point and I agree. Willingness to stay alive in a point and show determination is great, but it also may not be my game?

Thanks again

Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
You may wish to shift your focus to schoolwork. It's "do", not "to", and you can write "nowadays" without the dashes. "Conform to" perhaps, I don't know, don't skip too many classes...
Thanks my friend! hahaha

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Gino, i talked with this guy that won the D3 championships few years back. and he told me he really did nothing special. All he did was just hit crosscourt with good depth and decent spin. and just ran down everything and put everything in play.
unfortunately, this is the style that wins in D2 or D3 tennis.
Unfortunately for aggressive guys like me, that may indeed be true!!!
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