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Originally Posted by ushynoti View Post
Hi everyone,

This is the first time I'm posting in the string forum. I've been on the message boards for a while but mostly just for selling racquets.

Anyways, it looks like guy/poly for the Wilson BLX 90 frame is supposed to be the cream of the crop setup for this racquet, but at the same time, whether it's cost-effective is another story.

I was thinking of trying Technifibre NRG2 mains with MSV Co Focus crosses. Does anyone have any experience with this particular setup and if not, does anyone have any good suggestions for a multi/poly blend for this racquet that I should try?

Thanks for your help, seems like we have quite a few people on this board that have a lot of insight.
It's cost effective because the gut outlasts multi as far as durability and playability go.

Since you're considering NRG2 mains, I'll try to break it down for you. Yes, the price of most gut is double that of NRG2. But you'll end up with a stringbed that will easily last you 4x that of NRG2 in terms of durability and playability. And if you're willing to take a chance and look beyond brand names, there are gut out there that cost the same as NRG2.

But, if you must stick with multi for whatever reasons, I'd recommend Head RIP Control. It was my go-to multi's until I discovered gut. Great pocketing, comfortable (though some may call it a dead/mute string), great tension maintenance, and durable for a multi.
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