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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
This is the wildest thing ever said on this forum by a mile.

Serena at 10 years old would have destroyed your kid. Girls mature early. At that age she was miles stronger, miles faster, and so much more athletic. Your guy would not have won a single point for goodness sakes.

You are either totally kidding or the most delusional parent ever to walk the earth. The way you insult the tennis gods on a daily basis, I pray your bad tennis karma does not doom your kid. Between saying he would be the next Nadal, to bragging how he "never gets injured thanks to your training methods", to this abomination of saying he was in the same universe as the Williams girls at age, just tempt tennis fate daily.
Delusional ? Tennis gods ? Tennis karma gods on a daily basis ? Need I say more to the man who knows everything without seeing it ? Delusional ?

Please board I admit I did some stuff I shouldn't have "drink /smoke ect." In the past but is TCF's cosmic world really all there ?
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