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While I am no Federer fan I wholeheartedly disagree with him being below Vilas on clay, let alone 6 spots lower. Federer has a better French Open record, I believe more Masters level titles, and he was certainly alot more respectable in his matches vs Nadal on clay than Vilas was with Borg, and if Borg is a bad matchup for Vilas, Nadal is likewise a bad matchup for Federer, so that isnt even an excuse. What is Vilas's edge, all those tier 4 titles in South America he won? Having 2 majors on clay is not an edge, he got a chance to win 2 majors on clay a year for a few years right around his peak, Federer would probably have won the 2009 U.S Open on clay too the way Nadal was playing (extremely bad) at the time, and with Del Potro being not as strong on clay as hard courts. Federer did dominate the whole clay field besides Nadal until Djokovic came along. Vilas did not even dominate everyone else on clay besides Vilas, hence why he made the French Open final only 3 times (2 of those with Borg not playing).

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