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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I like Dave a lot. I have attended seminars with him and we have trained some of the same kids at times.

He is a fine coach. I understand you are not in a area where there are lots of coaches so you feel the need to take your kid somewhere.

I would just explore cheaper options for now. Any solid local coaches that can help with fundamentals? Thats all you need right now. Let him play soccer and other sports too.

Glad you like the racquet. My girl had hers restrung and regripped today, she loves that stick!
Thank you so much! I'm definitely exploring cheaper options, solid coaches etc but suffice to say that there are no under 10 kids patting the dog or with a high takeback in the 100 mile radius!! We are doing a few other sports too as you suggested. I just wanted to get an idea of some other ( more reasonably priced options) for holiday and summer training in FL. Despite what GA says, i think Rick M seems to have a great rapport with kids. Nick B is pretty exciting but I'm sure there are other places where we could go! I really enjoyed Rinebergs book and was thinking of checking out his academy if he would be good for this age group.. Thanks again for your input!
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