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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
The guy who seriously typed that his kid at age 10 would beat Serena at age 10 should never call anyone else delusional again......or imply they drink or smoke anything!

Interesting that we can find several well known coaches on the record raving about Serena being a freak athlete at age 6-12.

Yet not one well known coach on record saying that about your kid....why is that? You took him on pilgrimages to IMG and others as a any record of any coach raving about your player? How come they all jumped on Serena as a kid yet none have jumped on your hype wagon?

Why? Because she as an obvious freak athlete all along the way. Companies tossed million dollar contracts to the sisters at age 13. Your player is almost us the press release of his million dollar deals. Anyone better than Serena at age 10 should have several already.....and wins in Orange Bowls and Jr. slams too.

Your players great deeds seem to be only in your mind. Richard Williams players accomplishments are all on the record.
Once again college educations are overrated and you prove it your comprehension skills are at and alltime low , I have said she was a freak athlete "because her dad made her one" !!! I am not at all shocked by it !

Where we differ is you think cause she is black that makes her a natural born freak athlete ! I dont ,I have heard the storys firsthand eyewitnesses and we know that works for you ? her dad had her and Venus running sprints since they were 5 yrs old therefore he "developed athletes"

Not a big crazy cosmos spitting magic moondust horse out there giving out magic karma from the tennis gods as you would say !!!!
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