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Thanks. So Federer still has won more 1000 equivalent clay titles than Vilas, clearly has a superior French Open record. Add to that the huge number of Masters finals Federer has, and Vilas's embarassingly poor showings vs Borg on clay, and I would rank Federer over Vilas in a heartbeat. Vilas's only real advantage is willingess to play alot of obscure tiny clay events, largely in South America, and win them. My rankings of them would probably be roughly opposite to the previous list, Federer in the 13th range and Vilas in the 19th range.
Federer has a slightly better French open record having been in 1 more final, but Vilas won the US open on clay, so perhaps he could be considered slightly ahead on clay majors ie federer 1 win of 5 clay major finals and Vilas 2 wins out of 5 clay major finals. Coupled with 5 wins at masters 1000 level (only 1 less than Federer) then there isn't a lot in it. Forget about Vilas' small clay titles, at clay slam and masters level they are almost exactly the same with Vilas being slighly ahead in the clay slams and Federer slighly ahead in the Clay masters. Vilas by a nose?

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