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Have you seen the 1978 French Open final between Borg and Vilas? Believe me when I say that the rallies are epic and the match feels far closer than the 6-1, 6-1, 6-3 scoreline suggests. Vilas just had an opponent on the other side of the net that did everything slighter better than he did, so he ultimately had nothing to hurt Borg with.
I realize Borg is a bad matchup for Vilas but Nadal is a bad matchup for Federer in addition to being the clay court GOAT, and Federer still manages to be far more respectable vs Nadal on clay than Vilas is vs Borg. Anyway even if that werent so, with Federer's superior French Open and superior Masters 1000 equivalent records and I see no reason to rank Vilas over Federer.
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