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Default Is it the string or the stringer?

Hey guys, so these past couple days, I have strung about 4 racquets. On the first two I used a poly and a syn gut to string. However, on the last 2, they were both full poly's, but I found that the gripper was slipping, and whenever I would ratchet, it would slip and then after ratcheting some more it would finally settle. I was stringing with Lux Adrenaline Rough and some WC Scorpion, it was weird, I have never had that happen before and it did not do that on the first 2 racquet. I am stringing on an older model of the Gamma FC 6pt. Fixed Dropweight machine. Can anyone give me a bit of feedback? I checked the whole thing, and all the screws were tightly screwed on.
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