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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
i sold my RDIS200s and yy 9pack bag!!!!
now i just gotta find a box big enough to ship them to texas! oy

trying out my hybrid BLXPRO tomorrow to see if i can just keep using them.
it does feel like a pillow now instead of a brick but not sure how it will affect my 9.0ukrainerating game.

good news is if even if they don't work out i can now pick up my auzzie-beaters... the IG SPEEDs. (as soon as tw puts them on clearance... cmon already!)

hrmmm all this new car buying makes me want another vehicle.
i'd like somethin used and somethin i can get dirty and don't care if it gets a dent.
if somebody offered me one of these for dirt cheap.. id prolly take it:

My best friend had one of these. We had some some awesome adventures in that truck. I remembered we hit a deer once off of Avery Road off in Rockville/Derwood area when we were in HS. Instead of leaving it on the road, we lifted the roadkill onto the back of the cab and hulled it for his dad to turn to deer burgers that night. Good old 90's.

Weather nice today. Anyone hitting? Probably one of the last days this year in the 70's. Better enjoy it.

btw, has anyone hit with the PK Ki5x before? Looks like a sweet racquet.
zap: does your shop sell PK's? Funny, in canto, PK means something else.

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