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I love watching from the corner of the baseline, right on the corner of the court.

I find that if I'm on the side of the court, next to the netpost, you get a good feel for serve speed and ball height, but you totally loose the ability to perceive left and right angles.

If straight behind the baseline, you can really see speed and spins well, and watching the angles of the serves and groundstrokes is great. But I often loose the ability to perceive that ball height.

At the corner, I feel like I can see all the aspects of the ball position; height, speed, angles, curves/spins, etc.

Just my opinion, but I'll usually try to get front row seats right behind the corner of the court.

I just finished watching the China Open in Beijing, often sitting on the front row (and most of the venues aren't large, so you are really close to the court). The most impressive was Haas. There things about his hits/game that I never picked up on TV. The way he keeps a loose wrist and whips the racket more than many; the speed/pace and unbelievable flatness/spin-variety of his hits; the fact that for most of the game he didn't serve second serves, just 2 first serves back-to-back, his ability to hit incredible pace/winners off of the most unexpected balls (like low balls that are about to bounce a second time just as he runs them down, he doesn't just 'get them in'), and then somehow etc. He basically goes 'all-out' on every hit, and he was very impressive to see in person. Physically, I don't think many pros have him beat, he's that good. Mentally, I wonder what he could do/have done (not that he hasn't had a great career) with a more stable attitude.

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