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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
I've only been exposed to two types of DuraFiber racquets prior to today: the orange "Lite", of which I picked up a pristine example a few months ago, and the black "XT".

With a name like "DuraFiber", one would have thought that the brand was created specifically to market racquets made out of a tenacious fibrous substrate, so I was quite surprised to come upon this well-worn stick in a pile of unremarkable Dunlops and Heads today (shown above its "Lite" cousin for dimensional reference):

I just saw a listing on the German bay, (160908302273), were this alloy Durafiber/ACRO racket
is being auctioned off but this version is a Rossignol "The Touch" (Made in the USA).
They did have many frames made in the USA so it just might be the same frame, different name.
2x MAX 200G PRO, Nat.Gut/Ferry Force Super Touch at 58 lbs.

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