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Cool nice stories

Funny how
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Whoa dere....
Did you ride the 500 CanAm, with 2 250 motors grafted together? Now that would be awesome, but to me, only on dirt track. My old neighbor 4 houses from me was GrandNationalChamp#5 in 1958, or was it '55. MartyMalchow. He'd have some top dirt trackers over his house when I was in 4th grade, and I was interested, but didn't know a thing about bikes.
My bud Kevin one eye, who works at WiseSurfboards still, still has his Maico490, but my Kawasaki always got better starts, due to less power, but smoother power and better hookup.
Even KennyRodriquez's RM-500 had worst starts than my 420, as he rode it one expert race and started 2 of 3 motos dead even with DaveCoupe on the factory Yamaha490. Too much power is not good for me, and Kenny was 190 lbs.
I got to work for HarryHunt, one of the TeamYamaha private teams out of Brisbane, Calif, with DonGreene the main rider. My part was DunlopTires, never rode the TeamYamaha bikes, but got to scrub in tires at several EastCoast road tracks for ArtBauman and RonGrant of TeamSuzuki. Those 500 2 stroke twins would hit 10,400 rpm in 6th gear, supposedly 175 mph. I laid up the fairings and seats for them.
I think I would go with the Service Honda 500 AFX since it gets the Cail green sticker. The Service Honda AF 500 does not have the sticker but Optional FMF Q-series or Pro Circuit 296 series silencer can meet current noise emission standards. What does that mean for both bikes not sure about the cali laws out here?

Funny how Suzuki and Yamaha killed off the 500 class since Kaw and Honda were killing that class. Now it seems like the 450 class will get killed by 13500rpm 350 class. The AF has an potion for head porting for 250 and Boyesen rad valve for 180. The 2008 Service Honda 500AF put out 65hp and a 2013 Honda 450 put out 55 hp plus the AF is 17 pounds lighter. Never got to ride a kx 500, Yanaha 490 or Suzuki 500.

I would love to watch 500 2 strokes and 250 2 strokes race with, 350 4 strokes and 450 4 strokes. I also would love to see 125 2 strokes race 250 4 strokes. They could do like lemansa racing and have all those bikes race in the same race. I seen car races with 5 different classes on the the track at the same time it would be fun to watch the crashes.
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