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Originally Posted by Gasolina View Post
Really liking the look of the TK sleeves. It's also nice that its sold in pairs. I remember during my MCL recovery I really favored one knee over the other.

Regarding my leg length problems, unfortunately I have no choice but to just suck it up. The length difference is too much for an insole and my podiatrist told me to get special shoes with heel lifts. lol now that's a good look.

Fortunately the only real sport I can't last long is running. Tennis and basketball rely on a variety of movements so my foot ligaments don't get punished as much than with running straight.
Also, i forgot about these, primarily because they do not fit the raw category i am familiar with

Super heavy duty sleeves, might have some rubber support in them (which can actually add poundage to squats, whereas the others do not). These would probably be much closer to what you would need if it's really bad.

Can't say how comfortable they are though.
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