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Originally Posted by BTURNER View Post
Between Margaret Court's great forcing forehand drive and Graf's amazing weapon, there were few more noted for that stroke, than Sue Barker of GB, who was steady enough to win a depleted field '76 RG. and got to the the semi's of W and Australia twice and was ranked #3 in the world. she has 11 singles titles to her name and 12 doubles per Wiki, including 2 grass, 5 clay and 4 carpet. . I had never seen her play before. while this match was not particularly competitive, you do get to see that shot. Post Graf, it may look second rate, but for its day, it really was impressive to hit winners on clay past a top form Evert. This shot had some real pop but the back hand mishits. Sue isn't steady enough for Evert and she is definitely slower but she puts heart into retreiving and courage into her strokes.
Ruzici!!! and her cc record is quite better than Sue's
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