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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Brad, you are the best by far. A dad says he wants to shoot for the stars and produce a top pro player and you jump right in to the rescue as if you have developed tons of pro players.

Your results are a girl who quit tennis at age 10 and a boy who has yet to dominate the top ITF juniors, let alone become a top professional player.

Yet you never fail to talk like you are Richard Williams, Mr. Agassi, and Mr. Woods all rolled into one!

Classic stuff my man.
Once again development definition escapes you , listen up "not trying to dominate jrs". And haven't aimed to rule the ITF , the travel to dominate the ITF would be ridiculous .

Here's a fair question information man "who have you developed" answer No one and you have been coaching a long time ,me , quit working with the MMA guys and took a kid from scratch and have him top 10nationally without trying that hard .

You can put up some video of anything you have done or you just remind me of and encyclopedia "lots of info" and a set is worth about 300:00 dollars .
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