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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Ok let me help you to comprehend , we are aiming for the pros allways have been and if we Fail then we come hang with all the rest who have Failed , what's wrong with that way of thinking ?

As for college we pour more money into education here in the US and the top Ivy leaue colleges run Washington DC and look at the predicament were in with all the smart guys in charge so when you exalt education you should do it with humilty with the tract record higher ed has done to this country .

The 2nd paragraph is full of common sense and logic.
Ya know....I don't doubt that Deit has the work-ethic or potential athletic ability (potential) to make it as a top pro.

If he doesn't make it, I will attribute it to your self-centered, condescending attitude that reeks more of insecurity than confidence. Maybe there are famous coaches out there who conduct themselves the way you do, and if so, I am sure people will point them out to me. But your exemplified solely by your posts, since I do not know you from just the epitome of a negative role model for a professional champ.

Deit, you should take credit for your successes, no one else. And I think there are a lot of people here who think a solid college tennis career would count as a great success.
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