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Face the fact that tennis is not a popular sport in the U.S. That's why there is no money in it accept for the top 100. That's why the top athletes play other sports. I went to the Division 1 ITA finals yesterday. The tennis was terrific. There were 10 people watching.
I agree ,were told from the beginning to not clap to much, dont root your player on, never get excited,make these matches a funeral.

We had a ref tell DB early on dont pump your fist and say "right here lets go " I told that ref to shut her mouth and dont tell my player he cant be who he is ,excited about playing , i then told DB play with passion and fire and let no one quench that and he has .

Tennis is dying , even on here if you say you want to go pro you have MC TCF start trying to quench your fire just like that ref tried with DB and many on here are on his bandwagon of "lets kill the sport without knowing what were doing".

I will prove it TCf said about 3 weeks ago " Ok i guess he is not going to college and best of luck" what is his tone now? today, is he throwing out encouragement or as usual shooting shot of dispair?

he has started to attack the Heath coach on another thread , he is a cancer and cancer kills our sport.
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