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Originally Posted by ushynoti View Post
Do you guys think that it makes a difference whether you have a cheap gut vs. an expensive gut in the mains for the gut/poly setup, and what do you all think of this MSV Co Focus? I'd just like to choose a good blend that isn't going to break the bank...thanks!!
I'm using cheap gut in the form of Mamba Premium Natural Gut, my crosses are MSV Co-Focus.

Does expensive brand name gut play better? Yes of course, but does it play twice as well? I'm not certain about that. With inexpensive gut, it's a bit of a gamble because the quality control is not there. As much as half of your order could have imperfections that'll lead to pre-mature breakage.

But once it's on the frame, cow collagen is cow collagen more or less. Before anyone goes after me for saying cow collagen is collgen blah blah. I acknowledge brand name gut plays better, but not twice as well as the price suggests.
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