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Originally Posted by rww View Post
I wont dispute some of your points because I dont know. But I will question 'incomplete roster' and 'not enough particpation’. So just to keep this post on track for Clemson tennis, I will add that Clemson tennis was most consistently successful in the 80s and into the 90's. The team was largely composed of homegrown players. It appears that if Kreise had an international, that the player had some strong US ties, for example Desdunes. In the 70s, coach Beckwith started bringing in some middle easterns, Indians and Paks, Davis Cuppers nonetheless. They were still unable to handle UNC's McNair and Mckee, and Marylands Lucas. So 30 years later, the cycle continues. For Clemson, a long time since NCAA relevance or being the champ of the South Carolina for that matter. Only now I pay taxes that I didn't back then. And if I think that opportunities should go to Americans first, I have no problem saying so. And I dont have a 2 star that wants to play there.

This post is all true. However what you have to consider is that in those days America was the world's definite #1 country for tennis. The top 50 of the ATP at that time was 50% Americans or more always. Now tennis is more global and you can get quality players from countries like Tunisia and Thailand. Also in those days college tennis was more of a direct line to the pro tour. I go into the Clemson locker room nearly everyday and there former players all over the wall. Many of them reached high levels in the ATP such as Mark Dickson(assistant at Miami) #12 in the world. Now even the most elite program will be lucky to get 2 top 150 players.
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