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Originally Posted by Hannah19 View Post
You are absolutely right, I had noticed this "deviation" also.
According to Michel Guilluy, a Donnay historian and good friend, Couvin was a proving ground to develop the braided graphite production process.
They could not have chosen a worst site since Donnay had absolutely no clue how to deal with modern materials such as graphite etc.
They were behind in this technology for they had only produced wooden rackets so far but since Donnay and Wilson had been involved in previous years, Donnay produced many wooden frames for Wilson, they figured it would be a nice hidden place to try this out.
The PS 85 moulds did stay behind in Couvin and at a later stage Donnay used them to make the Pro Cynetic range with the same braided graphite/kevlar mix as the PS 85 but without the PWS. If you compare your Belgium PS 85 with a Pro Cynetic 1 you will be astound by the similar moulding marks.
I believe the drill pattern on the first-generation Donnay Pro Cynetic frames (there was a later range called Pro Cynetic which came out of a completely different mould) was a bit different, with eight mains going through the throat bridge. There was also a Graphite Borg model from this mould, IIRC.
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