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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
I wonder where Karel Koželuh should be? He was the seven time winner of the Bristol Cup &/or World Pro. Championship. This was placed on clay in France. It was the most prestigous Pro tournament of the 1920's. He also won 2 US Pro Championships on clay (1932/1937) and a French Pro (1930). That is 10 Major clay tournaments.

Also regarding Nusslein - shouldn't he be higher? He won the world Professional Championship on clay in 1933 and also won the US Pro when it was played on clay in 1934. Plus twice winner of French Pro in 1937/1938. That is 4 major pro titles on clay.
Timnz offered evidence that Koželuh has the equivalent of 10 important clay tournament titles, and Nusslein has 4.

Shouldn't Koželuh be ranked higher?
Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Nüsslein was surely stronger than Kozeluh on clay. He won nine clay majors. Tilden once said that Nüsslein was stronger on clay than Lacoste.
Did Nusslein win the equivalent of 9 clay majors?
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