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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Hey guys, so these past couple days, I have strung about 4 racquets. On the first two I used a poly and a syn gut to string. However, on the last 2, they were both full poly's, but I found that the gripper was slipping, and whenever I would ratchet, it would slip and then after ratcheting some more it would finally settle. I was stringing with Lux Adrenaline Rough and some WC Scorpion, it was weird, I have never had that happen before and it did not do that on the first 2 racquet. I am stringing on an older model of the Gamma FC 6pt. Fixed Dropweight machine. Can anyone give me a bit of feedback? I checked the whole thing, and all the screws were tightly screwed on.
You can disassemble the tension jaws and replace or clean the mildly abrasive surface. Another option is to wrap twice around the drum before inserting the string into the jaw. The required back tension from the jaw clamping down will be reduced this way. This will obviously only help you so far on the string job, as the last few strings (mains/crosses) will likely slip. Step 1 is to clean your gripper. Additionally, you can use a starting clamp (Or a spare floater, if there's one handy) to back up the gripper if cleaning doesn't help.
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