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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
i find it astonishing that he talked openly about it
He didn't talk about it until after Open tennis had arrived and he had turned pro himself.
The shamateur situation really changed after Laver turned pro at the end of 1962, which angered the Australian tennis administration. Until Laver's signing, pro tennis had ground to a halt, and looked like failing altogether. Thereafter, the top Aussie amateurs received huge and confidential stipends, and the amateur tournament directors beefed up the "living arrangements" and "service payments" given to the top amateur stars. Small wonder that the pros could not sign Emerson or Santana in the mid-1960's, when the pros needed a shot in the arm to revive public interest in professional tennis.
The top pro sponsors and funders, Ampol and Qantas, pulled out of pro tennis in 1960, when Hoad and Gonzales became part-timers.

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