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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post

Power: Prestige MP
Control: PB10
Volleys: PB10
Spin: Prestige MP
Feel: PB10
Serve: Prestige MP
Although different from the PB10 mid, I have experienced a Volkl/Head comparison using my PB10 MP with NXT with similar results. New racquet hunt may begin (My current go to racquet is the BB London w lead and leather 12.1 strung with my PB10 MP a favorable option)

I had a glorious Prestige experience this weekend.

My friend let me try his freshly strung I.Prestige MP w Cyclone 17 60#. Before I hit with it I was already expecting some overly harsh feel due to the tension. I was nicely surprised with my time with it. There was a decent amount of feel and comfort. Strokes on both wings where really great.

The control and stability of the racquet (which was un-modified) was very pleasing. This made me check out the specs online for the current Prestige MP and I saw the price and fell back a bit.

I am considering checking out the Redondo MP as another option.
(Any Redondo users care to comment?)

Power: I.Prestige MP
Control: PB10 MP (not by much)
Volleys: Draw
Spin: I.Prestige MP
Feel: Not fair with a Multi in one and Poly in another
Serve: Prestige MP
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