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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Strange, no mention of Hoad.
In case you don't know, he owned Davidson on clay (beat him at Roland Garros final, Italian final, Egyptian final, Toronto final), also Pietrangeli at Roland Garros, and beat Trabert in their two meetings at Roland Garros in 1958 and 1960. His lifetime against Rosewall on clay is about 50:50, perhaps better than that.
And Toto Brugnon stated that Cochet, Lacoste, and Tilden would have won only a few games against Hoad on clay.
In 1970, at age 35, and coming out of retirement, he beat 21-year-old Orantes at centre court in the Italian in five sets.
I agree that Hoad should be included in that proud list and on a high place.

I believe that Rosewall leads Hoad on clay. Altogether I counted 83:59 matches in Rosewall's favour.

Hoad also beat Orantes in 1970 at Madrid 6-3,6-3 before losing to Santana in four sets.
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