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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I'm using cheap gut in the form of Mamba Premium Natural Gut, my crosses are MSV Co-Focus.

Does expensive brand name gut play better? Yes of course, but does it play twice as well? I'm not certain about that. With inexpensive gut, it's a bit of a gamble because the quality control is not there. As much as half of your order could have imperfections that'll lead to pre-mature breakage.

But once it's on the frame, cow collagen is cow collagen more or less. Before anyone goes after me for saying cow collagen is collgen blah blah. I acknowledge brand name gut plays better, but not twice as well as the price suggests.
Yeah, I think that is the key, if the gut that costs twice as much doesn't play twice as better or you can't really tell a big difference that warrants double the price, then it's probably not worth it. Where do you get your Mamba, straight from the company? It looks like all they have are black right now...
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