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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
You must not realize Austin was DONE by the end of 1982 due to her back and sciatica issues.....she had whole stretches in 81, 82 when she could almost not walk or bend over you cannot downplay how bad she was hurt. It's amazing she was able to last the 83 season - yes her game was a mirror of Everts but Austin hit the ball and flatter and when she was on could hit thru all of them when she was 100%.
I was there live from the late 70s thru the 80s watching her on court and the YouTube garbage does not give her justice......She was out of tennis by the time she was 22 because of her back and leg.
I'd say by mid 82 she had very few good matches left, but I tend to believe her. If she said she is healthy before she walked out on the court in interviews during a tournament, she was healthy when she lost on that court in that tournament. I am pretty dismissive of the retro-excuse by nature and philosophy. But to Tracy's credit, she really wasn't one to give them out.
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