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Originally Posted by ushynoti View Post
Yeah, I think that is the key, if the gut that costs twice as much doesn't play twice as better or you can't really tell a big difference that warrants double the price, then it's probably not worth it. Where do you get your Mamba, straight from the company? It looks like all they have are black right now...
Yep, straight from them. I have tried the black version, and they fray EASILY thus affecting durability. Otherwise, no significant difference.

One more thing I want to add about these econo-gut, most if not all of them were never designed to withstand 55lbs, and they warn you of it too. So if you're looking to string tighter than 55lbs, you're going to have to pay for the big boys gut.

While paying twice as much for brand name gut and their quality control may sound ridiculous, there is something to be said about a peace of mind. When you know the gut wont snap in the machine, or snap pre-maturely, that's worth the investment to some people. I have had several sets snap on me in the machine, or 2hours into playing, it's certainly annoying. But I also know how much I paid for them.

While I do believe cow collagen is cow collagen, I also believe in the notion of what you get is what you pay for.

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