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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Rick Macci is an amazing coach. Relates to kids as well as anyone. Explains things as well as anyone. Has an open mind and constantly updates his knowledge of the game.

The only problem I have with him is he is still using that he taught Williams sisters and Roddick and Capriati 20-25 years ago as his calling card to justify charging $300-400/hour.

But I will take a guy who uses way back when to sell his services to parents over a guy who speaks in riddles and implies he was the primary coach for players when he was not, any day.

At least with Macci parents get the facts....he coached those famous players as kids. Then they can decide if he is worth the money or not. In my opinion the answer is no, but at least there is no funny business in regards to his claims.
I agree with you TCF and think Rick is a great coach for little kids! It's funny how a simple thread about getting an opinion on Rineberg got off topic and got GA all excited about Heath and then followed by the standard attack on DB/BB!! My two cents on all of it ( if anyone cares) -1. you are right about what you said regarding Heath (facts speak for themselves.)

2. GA got excited because he really likes his daughters new coach and went a little over the top with some statements but overall was trying to share his elation and pass on information. Then he got really defensive when you tried to give him some perspective on what it really is ( which was very nice of you but taken the wrong way due to his excitement regarding the new coach)

3. BB was really helpful like you and offered his opinion on Rineberg ( purpose of this thread) and to share what worked for him. No need for everyone to
keep talking about his son when he offered some advice. The kid is clearly talented and probably a very nice kid. I actually feel really bad every time I read the stuff people write about him because he is just a kid and many people on this forum go too far with their aspersions.. Not right and I hope he
doesn't read this stuff !!
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