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Default How far can a kid go with hard work?

After reading the Talent Code, I pondered long and hard about some of the theories propagated by the author. Without inciting any comments about anyone's kid, I was wondering what all of you think about how far hard work can take kid in tennis ( assuming top coaching and early start) 1. Average kid, top coach, plays/trains all the time, average physical attributes (neither fast nor slow, not tall or short ) driven

2. Above average kid, top coaching, plays/trains all the time, above average height for tennis, faster than most but not the fastest, above average intelligence, driven

Could kids like these ever have a chance of going pro (money making)? Or is a decent junior ranking the best they could hope for?

Some argue that children at an early age should have DNA tests to see if they have fast twitch or slow endurance type of genes to see what sport would be most suitable ... Interesting proposition that could eliminate future
disappointments perhaps?
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