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Default Trip report

OK so I am back from the Wilson event.

A plug straight-away: Watch for the RUSH PRO shoe they are introducing in February. It is supposed to be the latest technology best shoe in the world.

Did I mention that Wilson is introducing the RUSH PRO shoe in February? Feliciano Lopez is already using it.

After making a dinner of the appetizers and drinks at this exclusive country club, I attended John Muir's presentation (the GM whose name is on every issue of every tennis magazine). You know about Spin Effect so I will not repeat the facts. The other change is that Wilson is moving away from the traditional classification of frames as players vs game improvement, and compact vs long swings. They are going to keep 3 categories: Spin+Control (Pro Staff), Spin+Power (Steam) and Power+Comfort (Juice). They think the old classifications do not reflect how people play these days.

There was a video felicitating Wilson winners in 2012, including Rosol beating Nadal, which I think is supposed to be symbolic of Wilson beating Bab.

I asked the Director of Products about continued supply of the PS 85s to TW, and he said they plan to continue manufacturing it. I have to say that when the staff heard that I use that frame, there were some looks which I can only describe as sympathetic.

Then we hit the court with the Doppler radar technology. Rumor was that it is cheaper and better than Hawk Eye and might replace it. I was in the first group of 5 personally escorted by the head of Sales, which unfortunately included 4 competitive juniors sent by their coach to the event. Tennis Channel was on site, and started filming us. First 8 forehands with a Bab APD and then 8 with the Steam 99S, fed by a guy. The first 2 juniors finished, and showed an improvement of 200 rpm of topspin on average. The range was in the mid-2000s. It is close to Wilson's claim of 300 rpm increase in their blind tests.

Then came my turn. I asked Tennis Channel not to film me, and they agreed, apparently because we had probably not signed the waiver. I did not want Tennis Channel viewers to be jealous of my youthful looks. To popularize the racket among club players and not to induce spin-envy, I toned down my top spin drastically, posting an average of 1100 rpm with the Bab and 1300 with the 99S. To keep it realistic, I also hit one of the 16 forehands into the net.

The other thing to mention is that the launch angle and net clearance is much higher. Wilson's claim of an extra foot of net clearance is not an exaggeration.

After that we headed out to the other courts to hit. I hit with the new Blades, including the 93 and the 98 with 16*19 pattern. The cosmetic of black and gold is very enticing and the juniors really took to this line of frames. It seems to be aimed squarely at them. In fact, the frame was circulated among them during the presentation itself.

I then hit with both the 99S and the 105S. Apart from more top spin and net clearance, the other noticeable feature of Spin Effect is side spin. On higher shots, you can clearly see the ball curving away in the air due to the side spin. It is almost like you expect it to be here, but it actually there.

But all good things must come to an end. I got a $20 gift card and a shorts and shirt is being mailed to me as a free gift.

And did I mention the RUSH PRO shoe coming out in February?

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