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Originally Posted by The Dampener View Post
How curious.

It is my serving toe (left foot). Which side of your big toe did you weight up? The inside or outside? And how on Earth did you figure that out?
It is the right toe for me. I figured it out by paying attention to when it hurts while I'm playing.

Also, there's something else that may help. Calluses build up along the inside of the big toes (on both feet) from tennis, and they get pretty thick and bulge out. This extra thickness puts extra sideward pressure on the big toe joints inside the shoebox. I have to literally shave them down every six months or so with a callus shaving tool you can get from a drugstore. It doesn't hurt at all, and it's surprising how much difference that little amount of extra side room in the toe box makes. You have to make sure to soak your toes in warm water for a few minutes before you shave them, as it makes it much easier to do. You'll have to repeat it every six months or so, or whenever you buy new shoes, because the calluses re-grow amazingly fast.
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