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LTE coverage is lousy in my area, I'm practically using 3G most of the time anyway (not that I'm complaining, I hardly notice a difference in speeds anyway)

Maps, I haven't bothered to use very much. From what I've seen so far though, it definitely seems very clean and less cluttered. But for the sake of utility, google maps does it for me. Siri is a useless novelty, voice detection is meh at best; leagues above the Siri of the last iOS and you just look like a tool using it in public. I'm not sure how practical voice commands really are to begin with.

Overall for a first time iPhone user, the iPhone 5 definitely makes a good first impression. But whether or not Apple can reinvent the wheel for the iPhone in the future will be what determines if I'm sticking with Apple in the future or if I go back to Andriod.
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