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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
It says alot when the current Tour de France champion decides to support his team mate in next years competition over going for the win himself.

He's perfect for the sport, just what it needs at this time.
Well, many many would argue that Froome was stronger than Bradley this year. If Froome was given the go ahead to ride for the win he would have done so no problem. Honestly, it was quite silly seeing Froome given the go ahead to hunt for a stage win, only to be called back because Wiggins was struggling.

Even worse, last year at the Vuelta, Team Sky put all of their eggs in the Wiggins basket basically until the final few stages. Froome had been in support of Wiggins the whole race, but when Cobo turned it on, Wiggins couldn't follow. Despite Froome even holding the leaders jersey at one point in the race, they still were going with Wiggins. Sky ended up finishing with Froome at 2nd and Wiggins 3rd instead of Froome taking the overall victory.

Bradley also said he's going to target the Giro next year. Realistically speaking, this greatly reduces his chance at winning the tour. It's a no brainer to say he'll support Froome. Froome had two amazing opportunities to win a grand tour, opportunities he might not have in the future. Bradley really owes him something.

And don't talk about him like the sport "needs" him. Seems like just a few weeks ago he was praising Lance, now he's completely changed the tune. It also doesn't help when he blasts anyone in the media referring to possible doping at Sky. That's the Lance approach...
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