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The battery on the s3 is pretty good. I could probably go all day with moderate to heavy use on one battery if I check all the power saving mode settings on like cpu power saving, screen power saving, background color, and turning off haptic feedback, also using a lower brightness setting, and not using a live wall paper. The cpu power saving when on reduces the framerate and makes it kind of choppy and a few others turns the brightness all the way down when browsing the internet and I'm not a big fan of that. Thats a big reason why I have a spare battery so I can use the phone the way I want to use it with all the power savings modes off, etc...

Ive had the s3 for about a month and I used S voice a few times and that was it. I hear google voice is suppose to be a nice improvement when jelly bean arrives and ive used siri on my ipad a handful of times. It's either you like using it or you don't, it's like a novelty like someone else said.

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