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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
It's sad that Lance is getting all this heat after thinking about it objectively.

Athletes have been doping in every major sport for years.

Do you think female bodybuilders get man chins from lifting weights? How do they compete in sanctioned events? Someone poast a pic to prove my point.

I'm starting to think Lance is being unfairly vilianized knowing full well there are thousands of pro NFL and MLB players that have gotten away with it for years and no one really cares.

I just LOL at Lance for denying it all these years. It's just a joke now. But it's unfair knowing its pretty rampant in all sports.

He still sorta seems slimey but something seems fishy about the while thing. I hope more whistleblowers step forward in other sports.
The difference bewtween Lance and any regular MLB or NFL guy is that lance spent years threatinging legal action on any and all people who said anything. He strongly denied any accustation and backed it up with legal action. Im not sure of any other athelete who so aggresivly went after those that accused him.

A-Rod was all like "I'm sorry for taking them, but I was trying to heal"

Bonds was like "I never took them so take me court, its still not proven he actually did"

Clemens was like bonds, but with more first person testimony. Yet still never actually tested.

The guys that get popped now in MLB just serve the suspensions and hopefully come back.

Shawne Merriman served his 4 game suspension and won the defense MVP.

Lance threatened poeple carrers to keep the machine going and the cash flowing. He operated at a different level than anyone else (at least from what we know).
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