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Originally Posted by NE1for10is? View Post
Calluses build up along the inside of the big toes (on both feet) from tennis, and they get pretty thick and bulge out. This extra thickness puts extra sideward pressure on the big toe joints inside the shoebox.
Originally Posted by jorel View Post
maybe its gout?
In all the reading I've done, trauma seems to be the greatest cause of Hallux Rigidus. I've seen gout mentioned. Apparently, a simple blood test can determine if that's the cause. But I've never seen calluses as the culprit.

It makes sense, however, that anything that hinders proper joint function could be a contributor. And I love how you guys think—focussing not just on the treatment but the source of the problem. When I went through the same process during a spell with tennis elbow, it was obvious to me that too many players focus on getting better without ever understanding why it happened to them in the first place.

I admit I'm preoccupied right now with getting better. And the fact that the condition is progressive has me worried about my future as a tennis player. I'll know more when I have my appointment on Tuesday. In the meantime, I'm grateful for the discussion. So, thanks.
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