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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I've tried every trick I know and there is no way my iPhone 5 will make it all day. I've gone to push notifications, disabled only apps that I need notifications on and did the same with location services. I've turned down the screen brightness. I'm wondering if we got a couple of lemons.
You may have gotten a couple of lemons.

In my building, reception is notoriously bad. T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint get little, if any service. On Verizon, I'm consistently switching between a decent 3G signal and a weak LTE signal. It's constantly searching for a better signal, which is the worst thing for battery life. Even with that, I can get a full 24 hours, with 6-7 hours of actual usage and 18-24 hours of standby. I have everything enabled. Push email, push yelp, push social networks, and this includes web browsing, bluetooth, music streaming and some games as well.

When I'm at home on WiFi and a better signal, I'll get 8-9 hours of usage and 30+ hours of standby with the same usage mix, so I know signal searching definitely has something to do with it.

I'd take your phone into an Apple store, since you're covered for 90 days at least (unless you bought AppleCare+, then you're covered for 2 years.
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