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Originally Posted by PrincessAdam View Post
Can you guys look at this? He just turned 15 and he set up his camera at his height 4 feet from the baseline to see what his serve looked like from a returning point of view. They are mostly just 2nd serves/kick. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
If he wants critique on his motion and technique, try getting a close up view instead. This vid you posted, he is too far away. Don't really know what you want us to comment on. I saw some balls kicked up nicely. The T-serve looked mostly long.

Get a coach's eye app for iphone, iPAD or smart phone. It cost less than $ 5. Works great. You can get a slow motion to see his toss and motion. If you post the close-up vid here, people can see it better and help comment and tweaking his tecnique.
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