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Originally Posted by Le Tenis View Post
Great idea! Everyone should take the pledge not to comment on them unless he/she has something nice to say ! Mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say .....
I humbly disagree with you ,I welcome all critique and attacks ,it does 2 things keeps you sharp and supplys infomation that can be very useful .

I have saved ton of money not playing a lot of these overrated tourneys that TCF believes are mandatory for a player to rise to the top . Why is that cause when your "developing" a player tournament "competition" is only "part" of the process ,, I looked at all these tourneys did the math on how many thousands of players played them and saw their levels dropping rather then rising over the years and recognized the more tourneys(itf travel) you played at a young age caused more of a negative then a positive on average.

If it wasnt for TCF strong views on this postition I might not have studied the patterns of the multitudes and came to a conclusion that has saved a lot of money and still "developed" a strong athlete with a solid game and allowed maturity to grow more then frustration in him over the years.

So allow all these guys to pop off I welcome it and so should you .
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