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Originally Posted by bad_call View Post
gf also complained about battery running out a couple hrs before reaching destination during our day long (9 hr) road trip. might be roaming since she was using the road app. time for car charging adapter?
I am waiting on the El Cheapo adapters to come on Amazon.

Originally Posted by flyinghippos101 View Post
Bluetooth and wifi services drain battery hardcore. Even if you're not connected to a network, your phone will still attempt to auto-detect networks in the area. Turning both those off will literally add hours to your battery life.
Just turned both off, I'll see if that makes a difference.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
BTW on warranties - I refuse to buy them. what I do is setup a savings account and drop $100 in a month. So if something happens to my phone I have the money. If not - I still have the $$$$. Best way to go - IMO.
I normally don't go for warranties but we did on the iPad just because my 3 year old son uses it. He is an expert at breaking things.
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