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Originally Posted by Gasolina View Post
No real injury but they're just really sore / weak right now. Had a massage 2 days ago and helped a lot. They don't really get that sore before.

I think I'm just looking at injury prevention now. We all know how it sucks if you don't get to play
There are many recent threads with information on knee injuries.

Search- meniscus .... knee pain ..... posture knee pain .. lateral collateral ligament ... medial collateral ligament ..

Look at the CharlieFedererer illustrations and discussions.

I'd take pain to be a clear indication of injury unless certain otherwise. (I hate to deal with the uncertainty of some pain - my wrist gives me a little light pain now after some strokes.....)

You need to know what is stressing your knee, first with a diagnosis of the injury by a qualified Dr who can examine you.

If you have posture problems you might be stressing some part of your knee's structure and - short or long term - developing a chronic condition. Posture issues are often difficult to diagnose.

I subscribe to the view that many - if not most- chronic injuries (permanent conditions) might result from failure to allow healing very early on. Continuing to play.....

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