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I know I got accused of wasting money in this thread by the one weird guy, but I will say, I have been practicing some serious cash saving tactics. My latest maneuver (besides buying racquets that are "dated") is I have vowed to never have a car payment again.

There is a cool presentation somewhere out on the web that I saw were they show how much $$ you can have if you pay off your car, and save until you can trade it in and buy your next used car for cash. then you take the $$ you were making payments on and put it in savings. In 3 years you can buy a car for cash again that will be nicer and will still be in the positive since you will get trade in value on your last one. then take that money you are saving and put it in a mutual fund, and you can end up with millions in retirement. It's really interesting.

In a much smaller way this ties to the cell phone, as I have noticed with all apple products I have ever owned, that I dont upgrade them for 2-3 years (appletv, ipod, ipad..) because they continue to receive support for so long and can run the most current OS. The issue I had with droids was their end of life would be every 2 years on paper, but in reality you would get 1 OS update and then never get another. That is just a fact. So while some people will claim they are happy with ICS on their older phone, that OS is already far behind JB and their phones will most likely never see that update.

To me, it is unfair to those owners and ends up being a money pit for many who want a current OS. So while people always say apples are expensive..well they are not if you buy the phone on a new contract. and since the phones can cycle for 4 years, you could use the same one for that long, and be on NO contract if you wanted.

So over time, you actually save money.
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