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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Sorry, not going to happen anymore, the pledge has been taken, the vow has been made. If I ever comment on your situation again, which is doubtful, the comments will be as follows.

"Great job, you are the best, reach for the stars, you da man".

I learned this forum is not interested in anything but that.....every thread that gets even the slight bit interesting gets tattled on and quickly deleted, or people moan about the subject matter.
Well I hope you guys keep up the input. As with all things internet related people have a tendency to make things too personal. We all should be able to voice our opinions, but when we take it to a personal level we can go a little too far. Plenty of great coaches out there,many different ways to make it to the tour, and no one person has all the answers, but the exchange of thoughts and ideas can be beneficial to many as long we are not trying to be hurtful. Constructive criticism not destructive criticism.
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