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I just had my first hit with Pros Pro today. I bought a couple of sets to try out, with the hope of finding a good one and buying a reel.

The first one I'm trying is Lethal 5

I've got 2 matched Donnay XRED 94+ rackets. One strung with MSV Focus Hex 1.18. The second strung with Lethal 5 1.24.

My first impressions today was that the Lethal 5 is noticeably softer than the MSV, despite being a thicker size. It was obvious from the first hit.

I also found Lethal 5 to have a lot more pop than the MSV. I was having to swing through more with the MSV, but was able to swing a little more casually and get as much or more pace with the Lethal 5.

Spin seem very comparable. I noticed a little more ball movement on ground strokes with the Lethal 5, but the difference was subtle. The only difference I really found was on second serves. My topspin serve was definitely dipping and kicking more with the Lethal 5 than the MSV.

Even after just being strung a few days and playing once today, the Lethal 5 is slightly looser than the MSV, so I'm curious how much tension it will loose in the next week or so.
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